Welcome to Sol III (Locally Known as Earth)

Your Planet’s Status: PROTECTED

Congratulations! If you are reading this text, then you can rest assured that Sol III, locally known as Earth, has not been destroyed, in accordance with the Sol-Deneb Treaty of 1999 GCE. The Office of the Mediator hopes that further hostilities will be avoided.


Who is the Umea Bakearen?

Wayne Freed was born in the Deneb system and raised on Earth (Sol III). He and Ben Elan were exchanged after their birth to prevent a war which would surely have meant Earth’s destruction. When Wayne reached adulthood, he and Ben worked to introduce the Sol system to the Galactic Union.

In 2027 GCE (December 22, 1995 on Earth) Sol joined the Galactic Union.

The story of the Umea Bakearen begins in A Time To Build and continues in A Time To Mourn. Both books are available at the following retailers:


  1. Hi, Rick. Good luck with the book. I hope you sell a bunch.

  2. Whew! Thank goodness we’re still here….

  3. Greetings from Deneb.

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