The Joys of Editing

Greetings, Terrans,

It’s been a busy month for Rick. Apart from the general hustle and bustle of this holiday time of year on Sol III (Earth, to the indigenous population), Rick’s been playing with settings for the website, editing books two and three, looking for cover art for book two, and trying to find a way to frame Gilder for it!

A Time To Build is slowly collecting readers. If you’ve already read it, bravo to you! Did you like it? Please let others know by writing a review on Goodreads, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, iTunes, or at Smashwords, where the book was first published. There’s no reason why you can’t submit your review to all of the above!

Once you do submit a review, send Rick a message telling him where to find it, and you can gain access to the Office of the Mediator, Sol III Div. group on Facebook. It’s a place for Agents of the OM to hang out, read not-yet-published stories, get free stuff, and enjoy other benefits of membership.

Have a blessed holiday season, free from destruction by alien death rays!


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