The Galactic Council Era (GCE) Calendar

Deciphering Dates and Times in The Umea Bakearen

Because there are over five hundred systems in the Galactic Union, with as many different-lengthed years, keeping track of dates and times can get a little confusing. Before the formation of the Union, there was no standard calendar, and all systems that did trade with one another had to remember which calendar contracts and agreements were governed by.

Year 1 GCE

With the formation of the Union and the Galactic Council, a standardized calendar was proposed to simplify trade, commerce, and treaties. Taking the average length of the inhabited planets’ years and rounding to the nearest standard day, the Council defined a standard year as 360 standard days. A standard day is 24 hours long, just as on Earth. The Galactic Council Era (GCE) began with the first Union Convention, now known as UnionCon.

Today, UnionCon is held on the last 20 days of the year. Sentient beings from all member systems come together to participate in cultural exchanges, trade, entertainment, and cooperation. The Galactic Council also holds its main session during this time.

Dates and Times in the GCE

The Galactic Union uses a date stamp format that uses year, day, and hour+minute. The Sol-Deneb Treaty was ratified on April 19, 1968 by Earth’s Calendar. By the GCE Calendar, the year was 1999, day 323, so it was recorded as 1999.323 GCE.

When an hour is required, it’s appended to the end of the date stamp: 1999.323.0857 would be 8:57 am, Greenwich mean time, on April 19, 1968 (the actual time of the signing of the treaty).


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