The Death Penalty

Greetings, Terrans:

Well, I’m slightly embarrassed to say that I got myself banned from a group that I really liked. Looking over the rules, I realize that I probably deserved it.

Facebook users have set up hundreds of thousands of groups, and all of them have different rules about posting. I belong to one group specifically designed for posting review requests, but promoting the book is strictly against the rules. If you post there, you must provide free copies of the book to be reviewed. No problem.

Then there is another group, which does allow book promotion in the group (once every three days, and don’t be annoying about it). Also, no problem. Except that the rules state that you may not post requests for reviews.

Whoops. Might have missed that bit.

I posted a promotion which included a sentence that may have violated that rule. One of the admins certainly thought so, so without so much as a “you have thirty seconds to comply,” I received the death penalty. Banned.


I’ll admit, I was lax in the rules, but I don’t think I deserved getting the death penalty without at least a warning. And I wasn’t doing (I thought) anything I hadn’t seen others do.

It’s all good, now. I’ve been resurrected, and I’ve promised to be more careful. Lesson learned. If you belong to any group, I’d advise you to make sure you know all the rules BEFORE you post something that will get you kicked off.

And if you’re a group Admin, please consider the doctrine of due process and benefit of the doubt. Not every faux pas is a blatant foul.

So this is Earth.

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