Thanks, Veterans!

From the Office of the Mediator, Sol III Division,

Greetings, Terrans (and resident aliens),

In the United States, Sol III, 11 November (2046.045 GCE) is a time when ordinary citizens take the time to honor those who have served their country during times of tribulation. The brave men and women of their Armed Forces often sacrifice life and limb to protect basic freedoms that many take for granted. That such freedoms are routinely taken for granted is possibly a testament, not only to their effectiveness, but also to their selflessness.

We at the Office of the Mediator, along with the rest of the Galactic Union, would like to take this opportunity to thank these brave souls, wherever they may be. Whether you know it or not, you are heroes to us all.

OM-SIII-Div. 2046.045 GCE

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