On Receiving One’s First Ever Royalty Payment…

Euphoria. Sure, it’s nowhere near enough to buy a small island in the Caribbean, but it might get me a large pizza from Domino’s.

But it’s real. It’s tangible. It means that someone out there actually paid real money, earned by the sweat of their brow, or at least through some honest venture, for my words. My. Words.

If you’re an author, you probably know what I’m feeling. And I’m sorry for calling you weird (not to your face, of course!) when it happened to you. I had no idea.

Now, just to be clear, I didn’t start writing to earn a paycheck. I started writing because I had ideas in my soul that were burning to get out, to be put down on [virtual] paper. Once they were there, I came to the realization that words that exist, exist to be read. Once I had written words, I yearned to have someone else read them. Now, I have tangible evidence that someone else has.

I’ve received feedback from people who have finished the story and enjoyed it. I’m even starting to find reviews (okay, just one, so far) online. Hearing from others how my words affected them makes me feel like the whole process has been worth it. Sure, I know, just the accomplishment of getting the story written ought to be its own reward; and it is, trust me, but feedback is great!

If you’ve read the story, thank you! If you liked it (or even if you hated it), you will be doing me a great service if you write a review of it, either on Goodreads, or Amazon, or wherever you happened to purchase the eBook. Indie authors rely on word of mouth for publicity.

In other news, I have been working on publishing a print version of A Time To Build through Amazon’s CreateSpace. The proof is already in the mail, and I’ll be seeing it soon. I feel kind of like an expectant dad waiting for the delivery. I guess I owe my author friends another apology for that one, too!

Keep Writing!

Rick Rossing, for the Office of the Mediator, Sol III Div.

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