Getting Married, Denebian Style

Since I began writing A Time To Build, I also began envisioning what die-hard fans of The Umea Bakearen might do to:

  1. Show their complete devotion to the UB series;
  2. Freak out their mundane friends and neighbors.

Going back over the story, I realized that there are a lot of folks marrying each other. We all have heard of the big geeky theme weddings where everyone dresses up in Starfleet uniforms, or Jedi robes (Heck, I wanted to do both, but my wife would have none of it. I married her anyway). If you and your loved one are particularly geeky, but don’t have a very large budget, you can get hitched like Denebians!
The Denebian ceremony is short and simple. In addition to yourself and your intended, you need three or more witnesses. Since this is Earth, it would help if one of them is licensed, certified, or whatever else it takes to be a legal officiant. Check your local laws.
In a Denebian Marriage By Oath, The parties name each other Maiteakren (my-TAY-ahk-ren), a term meaning beloved, soul mate, life partner, and spouse. The naming statements can be as formal or informal as you choose, and goes like this:

“I, [your name], before these three witnesses, name thee, [your intended], Maiteakren.”

After they have both named each other, they are married (maiteak, in the Denebian tongue).
It’s a short and sweet ceremony, so short that anyone who comes in late might miss the whole thing entirely. Relatives expecting a longer ritual might feel a bit cheated, at least until they realize that it gets everyone to the reception that much faster.
Since the ratification of the Sol-Deneb Treaty, many Denebians have added elements of Earth customs to their events, too, so it’s alright if the naming ceremony is accompanied by other traditional elements.

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