Dye For Ebola!

There have been a lot of notable people recording themselves pouring ice over their heads to raise awareness and donations to ALS research. Unless you live under a rock, you’ve seen them.

I fully support this effort, having known people who have died from it.

There is a greater threat out there, though if you don’t live in a third world country (and if you can read this, you probably don’t), you probably aren’t really affected by it. Not yet, anyway. Here’s the thing: you probably live in a country where healthcare is readily available.

Millions don’t.

Doctors Without Borders sends doctors into places where they treat terrible diseases like Ebola. Places where the governments would more likely cordon off and abandon a diseased village than attempt to make things better.

Here’s a new challenge, that I hope you can help me make go viral. I’m calling it #DyeForEbola if you want to help trend up the hashtag.

First, either donate any amount of money to Doctors Without Borders or film yourself dyeing your hair. (Or do both, if you prefer!)

Second, challenge your friends to do the same.

Post video or photos with the hashtag #DyeForEbola on the social media of your choice.

Let’s try to heal the world together!


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