Daughter of Mythos, by Melissa Drake

A Battle in Mythos for the Fate of the Earth

The cover looks awesome, too!

Anyone who loves magic, dragons, romance, fairies, wizards, and adventure will get a kick out of this book. Right from the beginning, this story had me enthralled.

I suppose every young person wishes that he or she had a place to go where they *belong*, a place where they can do heroic things and be loved by many. Nora is that person. Having lost her parents, she’s juggled from foster home to foster home, because a magical force keeps ruining her chances of finding a permanent place of her own.

When she finally learns that she has a destiny, her life changes forever.
But she also learns that where someone is important, there are just as many people who wish to destroy her as love her.

Nora will find love and friendship, but she’ll also find tragedy and heartbreak. You, the reader, will find it right along with her. Have a tissue or two at the ready!

I desperately hope book two is coming soon.

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