Character Profile: Dab

Greetings, Terrans!

It’s been awhile since we’ve last added a character profile, and so we’ve chosen one who has not yet appeared in the Umea Bakearen series, but is the main character in a short story soon to be published.


Dab is a Bhetangu, formerly of the Pyron Caste. She was part of an advance party sent by the Bhetangu to destabilize the Union government prior to invasion. She was a communications officer aboard a massive Super-Destroyer, a ship capable of incinerating an entire planet. She was on duty when the Commander of the ship attacked and destroyed an independent planet without warning.

Dab was horrified, not so much by the destruction of the planet but by the callousness with which her superior ordered the attack. To destroy without giving a chance to submit, or even allowing non-combatants to flee, was a direct violation of a code of honor Dab had been trained from birth to uphold.

When the super-destroyer entered another system, Dab secretly sent a warning to the inhabitants, who immediately launched every ship they had to defend themselves. In the battle, Dab, her Commander, and a score of Bhetangu militants escaped the doomed super-destroyer in a small lifeboat, which avoided detection and returned them to a hidden base.

When the base was captured by the Union, Dab’s actions eventually came to the attention of Wayne Freed, who offered her asylum. Dab renounced her rank and her Caste, and accepted Wayne’s offer.

Dab appears in Asylum, a short story by Rick Rossing, which appears in The Dragon’s Rocketship Presents: The Ship’s Log, available on Amazon.

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