Greetings, Terrans;

Just a quick update. Rick is still alive, and writing. NaNoWriMo is 2/3 done. Rick’s project is 4/5 to the goal.

If you’ve been NaNoing, WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE? WRITE!

Okay, sorry for yelling. Maybe you need some motivation. Feel free to use any or all of these in any way you see fit. Just keep writing!


Macabre Song Parody

Greetings, Terrans!

It’s the 20th of October on Sol III, which means that there are only 11 days until Halloween, at least in the parts that celebrate that sort of thing. It’s quite like the Aldebaran Metamorphosis Festival, in that people like to celebrate in costume and go door to door taking candy from strangers. Since there are no barkmoths on Sol III, rather than wearing the cast-off cocoons of the giant caterpillars, they dress as ghosts, goblins, or their favorite Disney princesses or Marvel super heroes. A fun time is had by all.

Even though the winter holiday known as Christmas is still two months away, stores have begun putting out their holiday decor, hoping to frighten customers into spending large quantities of currency in their establishments. It’s a joyous time of year, filled with singing and drinking and eating and other forms of merriment.

It is this strange juxtaposition of holidays: Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and all the other seasonal holidays, as well as the latest “Caption This!” photo posted in The Dragon’s Rocketship, that inspired me to write this song parody of the Wassail Song. It goes like this:

Here we go, a-harvesting,
To make more Soylent Green;
Feeding all the peasants,
And keeping our streets clean.
They all want to be fed,
So who cares if it’s our dead?
So chow down, ask no questions,
‘Cause it’s best if you don’t know,
That we just might be eating Uncle Joe.

Try slipping those lyrics in the next time you go caroling!

If you have ever parodied traditional Christmas carols, feel free to share your lyrics in the comments section below!

Tetris Teaches Life Skills!

There are several life lessons one can learn from the classic video game Tetris:

  1. You don’t get to choose what life throws at you.
  2. How you react to it makes all the difference. You might not be able to choose what comes at you, but you do get to decide what to do with it. You can turn things around.
  3. You have to plan ahead. You never know when you’re going to be presented with that one thing you need to complete a project, or meet a goal, but you need to be sure you leave room for it when it comes.
  4. Once you get things into place, they clear the way for more things.
  5. Careless management of resources quickly leads to disaster.