Character Profile: Dab

Greetings, Terrans!

It’s been awhile since we’ve last added a character profile, and so we’ve chosen one who has not yet appeared in the Umea Bakearen series, but is the main character in a short story soon to be published.


Dab is a Bhetangu, formerly of the Pyron Caste. She was part of an advance party sent by the Bhetangu to destabilize the Union government prior to invasion. She was a communications officer aboard a massive Super-Destroyer, a ship capable of incinerating an entire planet. She was on duty when the Commander of the ship attacked and destroyed an independent planet without warning.

Dab was horrified, not so much by the destruction of the planet but by the callousness with which her superior ordered the attack. To destroy without giving a chance to submit, or even allowing non-combatants to flee, was a direct violation of a code of honor Dab had been trained from birth to uphold.

When the super-destroyer entered another system, Dab secretly sent a warning to the inhabitants, who immediately launched every ship they had to defend themselves. In the battle, Dab, her Commander, and a score of Bhetangu militants escaped the doomed super-destroyer in a small lifeboat, which avoided detection and returned them to a hidden base.

When the base was captured by the Union, Dab’s actions eventually came to the attention of Wayne Freed, who offered her asylum. Dab renounced her rank and her Caste, and accepted Wayne’s offer.

Dab appears in Asylum, a short story by Rick Rossing, which appears in The Dragon’s Rocketship Presents: The Ship’s Log, available on Amazon.

Character Profile: Ben Elan

Wayne Freed and Ben Elan were switched at birth. Wayne didn’t learn of the switch until he was sixteen, but Ben always knew, from the time that he could first understand such things. He spent his entire life in the public eye, and grew to enjoy the attention he received, especially from his female groupies. He was Umea Bakearen, and he loved it.
Still, he envied Wayne. Ben grew up a celebrity, meaning everywhere he went, people recognized him and wanted to meet him. Wayne, on the other hand, was practically anonymous where he lived. He could go places by himself, without being harassed by fans.
When Wayne and Ben first met face-to-face, they wanted to hate each other because they each felt that the other had a better life. As soon as they recognized that one thing they had in common, they had a good laugh and became best of friends.
Ben was a playboy, receiving and accepting propositions from females of just about every humanoid race, until he met Sonja Hart. After falling in love with her, he abandoned his former lifestyle.
In addition to his role as Wayne’s counterpart, he also bears the distinction of being the only non-Aldebaran to successfully imprint a barkmoth, which he named “Little” Hank.
After the conclusion of Sol-Deneb, Ben served as Sol’s Ambassador to the Galactic Council for just over six years.

Character Profile: Tony Diego

There has been a challenge going around facebook (perhaps you’ve seen it?) to list five details about one of your main characters. I’ve been tagged in this game several times, and it reminded me that I’ve sort of neglected to add more character profiles to this site. Sorry about that.
Tony Diego was a Desert Storm veteran. He flew A-10s, which are still one of his favorite fighter jets, even now that he’s flown spaceships. This is because in space, it hardly feels like you’re moving.
His character was created after watching a marathon of NCIS episodes, so he is inspired by Special Agent Tony DiNozzo from that series.
Like DiNozzo, Tony Diego tends to use pop culture references when he’s stressed. That trait makes him hard to write, because I have to make sure that whatever movies or programs he’s quoting actually existed during the time the Umea Bakearen stories take place (The first book is set in 1995-96, while the second begins in 2001. Eventually, the settings will catch up to the present, and then go beyond).
After events in A Time To Build, Tony was awarded the Luken Zaio Medal of Valor by the Denebian Government. If you’ve read it, you know which event. If you haven’t, the book is available (see links at right!). He’s the first Terran ever to receive that honor.
Finally, Tony simply can’t stand gagh! He does love a good corn dog, though, and he can tell you where the best vendors are in every system he’s been to.

Character Profile: Lynne (Hart) Freed

Lynne Hart was born on Deneb, in the town of Green Vale (Gailurerra in the local tongue). When she and her twin sister, Sonja, were still children, they began to dream that they might someday meet Wayne and Ben, the Umea Bakearen of the Sol/Deneb Treaty.
Lynne and her sister have always been fierce competitors, mostly because Denebian twins are so rare that people expect great things from them. Their competitiveness causes them to push themselves so hard that they often end up injured, usually at the same time.
Both Lynne and Sonja have an inborn ability to quickly learn languages, making them natural-born interpreters. They also have an uncanny ability to read body language, making them natural-born truth detectors as well.
As a young girl, Lynne met Wayne several times, though they never truly connected until they were thrust together on an Aldebaran hiking trail. They quickly fell in love and married soon after.
Lynne and Wayne have had three children: Luken, Alaia, and Kemen. Though she is a stay-at-home mom, she and the children now travel with Wayne wherever duty takes him. Because Wayne was raised on a quarantined planet, he often relies on her experience when traveling.

Character Profile: Wayne Freed

Wayne Freed was born April 15, 1968 (1999.319.1538 GCE) in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, United States. At least, that’s how his birth certificate reads. He really was born on that date, or the Denebian equivalent, but Deneb City was his actual birthplace. He was born Ben Elan, but after the Sol-Deneb exchange, he was given the name of his counterpart, the other Umea Bakearen.

Wayne was completely unaware of the exchange until soon after his sixteenth birthday, when his adoptive father, Robert Freed, revealed the truth to him. He had been born for a purpose, to keep Earth (Sol III to the Galactic Union) from destruction.

Wayne Freed is married to Lynne Hart Freed, and is the father of Luken, Alaia, and Kemen.