A Time to Build gets Premium Catalog Approval on Smashwords!

Greetings, Terrans,

The Office of the Mediator is pleased to announce that Rick Rossing’s first book, A Time to Build, has been approved for the Premium Catalog. This makes it possible for the e-book to be distributed to affiliate markets such as Barnes & Noble, Apple iBooks, Kobo, and others. We’re all pretty excited about it. To celebrate, here is an excerpt from the book:

Janet was busy at work when Lynne and I came into my office. She jumped up and ran around the desk to hug me, then she hugged Lynne.
“Lynne, you poor thing! Does it still hurt?”
“It’s not that bad anymore,” said Lynne.
“I still have the video of Lynne’s accident on my camera,” I said. “Want to see?”
“What, do you carry that thing with you everywhere?”
“Pretty much.”
“It’s part of the treaty,” said Lynne.
“What do you mean?”
I answered before Lynne could. “You know Lynne’s folks live pretty far from here, right?”
“Oh, I get it. You promised lots of video.”
“Something like that,” said Lynne, taking the hint.
I showed the video to Janet, who winced, rubbing her lower leg. “Ouch. My leg hurts just watching that.”
“Believe me,” said Lynne. “Doing it didn’t tickle, either. I broke both bones in my lower leg. The worst part was the liftoff, though.”
“Out of Grand Canyon,” I interjected. “The pilot could have been a little gentler with the controls, believe me. Lynne only had the makeshift splint on her leg, and she felt every jostle.”
“I bet that ruined your honeymoon.”
“We made the most of it,” said Lynne, sitting down on the loveseat in my reception area. She swung her cast up and onto the seat beside her. Then she winked at Janet. “I’m sure you appreciate just how resourceful my husband can be.”
Janet smiled, but I detected a hint of tension between her and Lynne. I could figure out why. Lynne knew I had dated Janet in the past. She was letting Janet know that I was hers, and nothing as small as a broken leg would keep her from defending her territory. I hoped that they would be able to work out their hostility, because I hated the thought of dismissing my best friend, not to mention breaking in a new assistant.

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