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When you steal from faerie queens, the consequences are painful and sometimes deadly.

Were-jaguar and TV personality, Riley O’Rourke, has been looking over her shoulder ever since she stole from the Dark Queen of the Unseelie faeries. When Riley is contacted by an informant with knowledge that can blow the lid off the story of the year, she can’t pass up the opportunity to investigate. What she finds instead is something that puts her at the mercy of the Dark Queen, who is not known for her compassion.

When Riley’s boyfriend, David, realizes she’s missing, he’ll do whatever it takes to get her back, including starting a war with the Unseelie. The balance of power among the Fae courts is shifting, and if David makes one wrong move, Riley could end up crushed in the struggle. But after being the subject of the Queens’s legendary cruelty, will there even be anything left of Riley to save?

The second book in the Revelations Trilogy continues the story of Riley O’Rourke, David Lo, and Neve MacAlpin. Buy it here.

Taming Shadows is the first book in the Revelations Trilogy and introduces us to Riley, David, and Neve. Buy it here.

Read This Book. Read It!

I’ll start by saying I loved the story. I developed a reader’s crush on Riley in Taming Shadows, and I was still feeling it in Silver Shackles. That said, there were times I wanted to slap Riley. I want her and David to be happy together, but it’s not going to happen if she keeps making bad decisions, not the least of which is keeping secrets from the people she should be confiding in. That’s what a relationship is supposed to be about, Riley.

Yes, I started yelling at Riley. David, too. That’s how involved I became in these characters’ lives. The Dark Queen was truly wicked in her desire to take revenge on Riley, and I was about ready to mount my own assault on the Unseelie Court if David wasn’t working on it.

The one problem I had with the story was that the narrative switched from the first person to third, depending on who was the focus of the story. Riley’s first-person narrative makes her tale more intimate to me, and I feel like she’s letting me get to know her. Think Harry Dresden. David’s tale, along with scenes involving other characters, is told in the third person, and I felt a bit of a disconnect with him by comparison. Maybe David narrating his side of the story would have been better, but that clearly wouldn’t have worked for all the character interactions. In the end, I had to grudgingly admit that it was the only way to go.

Oh, and just as in Taming Shadows, look for the tasty recipes at the end of the book!

I would read this again, and I would recommend it to a friend. Which, I suppose, is what I’m doing right now. I’m already looking forward to the next book.

About Fiona Skye:

Fiona Skye is a fantasy author, currently living in the deserts of Southern Arizona. She shares a home with her husband, two kids, three cats, two rats, a betta fish, and a Border Collie.

Fiona’s passion for story telling began early in life. She loved playing make-believe and inventing elaborate fantasy worlds for her friends and her to play in. At age twelve, she wrote her first short story, which was based on a song by a 1980s hair band. After giving it to her English teacher for editing and rewrites, she learned to love the entire writing process, and has dedicated her life since then to writing, only to be occasionally distracted by her insatiable love of yarn and crochet, and the dogged pursuit of the perfect plate of cheese enchiladas.

She counts Diana Gabaldon and Jim Butcher as her favorite authors and biggest influences. Joining these two on the list of people she would wait in queue for a week to have a coffee with are Neil Peart, Kevin Hearne, and Brandon Sanderson.

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