Character Profile: Lynne (Hart) Freed

Lynne Hart was born on Deneb, in the town of Green Vale (Gailurerra in the local tongue). When she and her twin sister, Sonja, were still children, they began to dream that they might someday meet Wayne and Ben, the Umea Bakearen of the Sol/Deneb Treaty.
Lynne and her sister have always been fierce competitors, mostly because Denebian twins are so rare that people expect great things from them. Their competitiveness causes them to push themselves so hard that they often end up injured, usually at the same time.
Both Lynne and Sonja have an inborn ability to quickly learn languages, making them natural-born interpreters. They also have an uncanny ability to read body language, making them natural-born truth detectors as well.
As a young girl, Lynne met Wayne several times, though they never truly connected until they were thrust together on an Aldebaran hiking trail. They quickly fell in love and married soon after.
Lynne and Wayne have had three children: Luken, Alaia, and Kemen. Though she is a stay-at-home mom, she and the children now travel with Wayne wherever duty takes him. Because Wayne was raised on a quarantined planet, he often relies on her experience when traveling.

Character Profile: Wayne Freed

Wayne Freed was born April 15, 1968 (1999.319.1538 GCE) in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, United States. At least, that’s how his birth certificate reads. He really was born on that date, or the Denebian equivalent, but Deneb City was his actual birthplace. He was born Ben Elan, but after the Sol-Deneb exchange, he was given the name of his counterpart, the other Umea Bakearen.

Wayne was completely unaware of the exchange until soon after his sixteenth birthday, when his adoptive father, Robert Freed, revealed the truth to him. He had been born for a purpose, to keep Earth (Sol III to the Galactic Union) from destruction.

Wayne Freed is married to Lynne Hart Freed, and is the father of Luken, Alaia, and Kemen.